Race, Ethics + Power Journal [REP]


Nisrine Rahal, A Real Battlefield for Emancipation: The Hamburg Kindergarten Movement 1849-1852 [2021 REP 1]

Yolonda Wilson, Death, Pandemic, and Intersectionality [2021 REP 2]

Ola Mohammed, The Black Nowhere: The Social and Cultural Politics of Listening to Black Canada[s] [2021 REP 3]

Devin Guillory, Combatting Anti-Blackness in the AI Community [2021 REP 4]

Dorothy Kim, Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Premodern Critical Intersectionality [2021 REP 5]

Senthuran Varatharajah, Where Are You From? The Ethical Dilemma of Writing Dis/placed [2021 REP 6]

Gayathri Naganathan, Shadeism, Sexual Health, and Diasporic Women’s Experiences [2021 REP 7]

Michael Dawson, Why Race and Capitalism Not Racial Capitalism? [2021 REP 8]

Michael Sooriyakumaran, Inventing the Asian Community: The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival as Discourse and Collective Performance [2021 REP 9]

Manvinder Kaur Gill, Germs of Rot: Colonialism, Culture, and Immigrant Mental Health Discourse [2021 REP 10]

Tsang, Kirubainathan, Igros, Senkiw, The Rising Problem of Homelessness in Later Life: Exploring Health and Social Service Provision in Toronto [2021 REP 11]

Janelle Joseph, Race, Ethics, and Intersectional Social Justice in Kinesiology [2022 REP 1]

Mark V. Campbell and Huda Hassan, Hip-Hop Futurities [2022 REP 2]

Chandni Desai, Disrupting Settler Colonial Economies Across Geographies [2022 REP 3]

Myisha Cherry, On James Baldwin and Black Rage [2022 REP 4]

Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Fill the Earth and Subdue: Exploring Domination, Responsibilities and Relationships through Land Acknowledgements [2022 REP 5]

Rinaldo Walcott, Warren Crichlow, Sarah S. Smith, W. Chris Johnson, The Long Emancipation: Readings, Reflections & Provocations [2022 REP 6]

Conference: Anatomies of Grief: Conversations on an Ethics of Living [2022 REP 7]

Angelica Pesarini, “We Can’t Welcome Them All” The Grammar of Race in Italian Political Discourse [2022 REP 8]

Atif Khan, Narrating Hauntings Everywhere: Towards the Edges of Territorial Pakistan [2022 REP 9]

Enna Kim, Yestermorrow: Speculative Tales of a Possible Repair Future [2022 REP 10]

Winston Thompson, On the Ethics of Teaching Race [2023 REP 1]

Ethics of COVID

Roberta K. Timothy, Race Matters: Ethical Implications of COVID-19 (Ethics of COVID) [2020 REP 1]

➤ Tanya L. Sharpe, Moving from a Moment to a Movement: #30@8:30 (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 REP 2]

➤ Racial Inequality During a Pandemic: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 REP 3]

Ethics of Black Lives Matter

➤ I. Bennett Capers, A New Country: Afrofuturism, Critical Race Theory, and Policing in the Year 2044 [2020 REP 15]

Alex Hanna, Data, Transparency, and AI Ethics [2020 REP 16]

➤ Xine Yao, The Cultural Politics of Unfeeling: Considering Race and Affect From Below [2020 REP 17]

➤ André Brock, Black Morpheus: Race in the Technocultural Matrix [2020 REP 18]

➤ #sayhername Breonna Taylor: Race, Ethics & Justice (w/ Idil Abdillahi, Beverly Bain, El Jones) [2020 REP 19]

➤ Rodrigo Ochigame, Actuarialism and Racial Capitalism [2020 REP 20]

➤ Eddie Bruce-Jones, Black Lives and German Exceptionalism [2020 REP 21]

➤ Bianca Beauchemin, Re-imagining Diasporic Black Radical Insurgency [2020 REP 22]

➤ Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò, Compound Crisis: Cops, Climate, and COVID [2020 REP 23]

➤ Watufani Poe, Representação vs. Representatividade: Analyzing Black LGBTQ+ Identity Politics in Brazil [2020 REP 24]

➤ Jonathan Kidd & Sonya Winton-Odamtten, Lovecraft Country: A Conversation on Afrofuturism, Black Aesthetics and the Endurance of Counter-Histories [2020 REP 25]

➤ David Scott, Stuart Hall’s Ethics [2020 REP 26]

Symposium: Racial Inequality During a Pandemic: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives

➤ Elena Comay del Junco, Introduction [2020 REP 27]

➤ Yolonda Wilson, Race, COVID-19, and the Public “We” [2020 REP 28]

➤ Elena Comay del Junco, Foreground and Background [2020 REP 29]

➤ Korey Garibaldi, Early Pragmatic and Philosophical Challenges to the Science of Jim Crow [2020 REP 30]

➤ Chelsea Barabas, Beyond Accuracy and Bias: The Pursuit of “Ethical AI” in Criminal Law [2019 REP 1]

➤ Luvell Anderson, Navigating Racial Satire [2019 REP 2]

Symposium: James Forman, Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America (2017) (Pulitzer Prize Winner)