The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI: Online Supplement

This is a supplement-in-progress to a handbook on a field-in-progress: the Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (2020) (paperback 2021). It tracks the handbook’s table of contents, which lays out an interdisciplinary and international map of the field of Ethics of AI in Context. Linked, chapter-by-chapter, to the Handbook’s online version (OHO), it also includes preprints and extended versions of selected chapters, related videos and podcasts.

At the heart of the supplement is the extensive Annotated Bibliography of Ethics of AI, with 900+ sources, organized by chapter topic and recently updated (June 2022):

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Editors’ Preface: Ethics of AI in Context (Markus D. Dubber, Frank Pasquale, Sunit Das)

I. Introduction & Overview

II. Frameworks & Modes

III. Concepts & Issues

IV. Perspectives & Approaches

V. Cases & Applications

User’s Note

This annotated bibliography is the result of an ongoing collaboration among faculty and students affiliated with the Ethics of AI Lab, Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto. Contributors & editors include:

2021-22 Contributors

Jai Aggarwal, Natalie Ashgriz, Cem Anil, Juhan Bae, Cheryl Cheung, Joseph Donia, Dafna Dror-Shpoliansky, Kamilah Ebrahim, Sharon Ferguson, Anne-Marie Fowler, Ori Freiman, Sicong Huang, Mathew Iantorno, Evan Kanter, Tian Xing Li, Abhishek Moturu, Shruti Nistandra, Nathan Olmstead, Will Power-Jenkins, Amin Rakhsha, Dylan Turpin, Sarah Vu, Michael Zhang; Editors: Jonathan Ku, Aidan Mitchell-Boudrea.

2020-21 Contributors

George-Alexandru Adam, Jesse Bettencourt, Mary Danesh, Juliette Ferry-Danini, Laura Gallo, Kabba Gizaw, James Kenet Tjosvold Duncan, Anne-Marie Fowler, John Giorgi, Noam Kolt, Brenna Li, Lillio Mok, Julian Posada, Vinith Suriyakumar; Editors: Shannon Bardin, Amelia Eaton (lead editor), Holly Johnstone, David Kim, Sara Rasikh (special thanks to Jinx & Julius Dubber).

2019-20 Contributors

Tyler Biswurm, Stacy Chen, Amelia Eaton (lead editor), Stephanie Fielding, Suzanne van Geuns, Vinyas Harish, Chris Hill, Tobias Hobbins, Chris Longley, Liam McCoy, Nishila Mehta, Unnati Patel, Faye Shamshuddin, and Chelsea Tao (special thanks to Julius Dubber).