C4eJournal: Perspectives on Ethics [C4eJ]

Vol. 2020

Yannik Thiem, Trans*Formative Philosophy: Queer, Ordinary, Intimate [2020 C4eJ 1]

Zack Lipton, Fairness, Interpretability and the Dangers of Solutionism [2020 C4eJ 2]

Nikolas Kompridis, Agency: Human and Non-Human [2020 C4eJ 3]

Parisa Moosavi, If Non-Sentient Organisms Can Have Rights, Why Can’t Robots? [2020 C4eJ 4]

Ida Koivisto, Thinking Inside the Box: The Promise and Boundaries of Transparency in Automated Decision-Making  [2020 C4eJ 5]

Suzanne van Geuns, The History of Seduction from the Enlightenment to #MeToo [2020 C4eJ 6] (Book Review)

Sunit Das, Terraforming the Ethical Landscape: COVID-19 and the Principle of Justice (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 7]

Nicola Lacetera, The Social and Ethical Support of Markets in a Pandemic (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 8]

Petra Molnar, Borders and Pandemics: Surveillance Won’t Stop the Coronavirus (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 9]

Elena Comay del Junco & Gal Katz, Philosophers as Pundits (During a Pandemic) (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 10]

Nina Sun & Livio Zilli, Criminalization & COVID-19: Public Health and Human Rights Implications (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 11]

Roberta K. Timothy, Race Matters: Ethical Implications of COVID-19 (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 12]

Catherine Evans, Expertise and Objectivity in Crisis: A Historical Perspective (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 13]

Teresa Scassa, Pandemic Privacy (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 14]

Tanya L. Sharpe, Moving from a Moment to a Movement: #30@8:30 (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 15]

Padraic X. Scanlan, Beats Working: Wage-Replacements in Past and the Present (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 16]

Sophia Moreau & Sabine Tsuruda, The Moral and Legal Risks of Immunity Passports (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 17]

Trudo Lemmens, Pandemic Clinical Triage Protocols: Adding Insult to Injury for People with Disabilities (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 18]

The Future of Work in the Age of Automation and AI: An International & Interdisciplinary Workshop (conference video) [2020 C4eJ 19]

Matthew Smith, Reproducing Freedom (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 20]

Racial Inequality During a Pandemic: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 21]

John Lorinc, The Ethics of Publishing COVID-19 Drug Research in Real Time (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 22]

Rebecca Woods, No Magic Bullet: The COVID-19 Vaccine as Technological Fix (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 23]

Sidewalk Toronto Revisited: Looking Back, Looking Ahead (Ethics in the City) [2020 C4eJ 24]

Alex Luscombe & Alexander McClelland, Policing the Pandemic: Counter Mapping the Expansion of COVID-19 Enforcement Across Canada (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 25]

John Ricco, Isolation, Loneliness, Solitude: The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Brought Us Too Close Together (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 26]

Steps from the Frontlines: Medical Student Perspectives During COVID-19 (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 27]

Benjamin Davis, Internationalism under Lockdown: The Vocabulary of the Present (Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 28]

Symposium: Sophia Moreau, Faces of Inequality: A Theory of Wrongful Discrimination (2020)

Veena Dubal, Surveillance Is Not a Social Good: Technocapital, Public Health, and the Pandemic [2020 C4eJ 35]

Anna Su, Keeping the Faith During a Pandemic: Religion and COVID-19 [2020 C4eJ 36]

Yolonda Yvette Wilson and Elena Comay del Junco, Black Health Matters: Racism and Protest In the Midst of a Global Pandemic [2020 C4eJ 37]

Nicola Lacetera, The Ethics and Economics of Paying Plasma Donors [2020 C4eJ 38]

Ian Loader, Beyond Brutality: Political Visions in Black Lives Matter [2020 C4eJ 39]

Luvell Anderson, Hermeneutical Impasses, Hermeneutical Injustices, and Progress [2020 C4eJ 40]

Abi Adams-Prassl & Jeremias Adams-Prassl, COVID-19: Three Challenges for Labour Market Regulation [2020 C4eJ 41]

Siddhant Issar, Reflecting on Black Lives Matter: Visions of Abolition Democracy [2020 C4eJ 42]

Vincent Chiao & Corey Brettschneider, Rights, Solidarity & the Power to Punish in States of Emergency [2020 C4eJ 43]

Natasha Tusikov, Going Cashless in an Era of Digital Payments & Surveillance (The Ethics of COVID) [2020 C4eJ 44]

A Conversation Between Rachel Herzing and Amna Akbar (The Ethics of Black Lives Matter) [2020 C4eJ 45]

Amadou Korbinian Sow, Black Lives Matter in Germany: What Does It Mean to Orient Oneself in White Jurisprudence? (The Ethics of Black Lives Matter) [2020 C4eJ 46]

Emmanuel Blanchard, Black Lives Matter in France: The Colonial Legacy of French Policing (The Ethics of Black Lives Matter) [2020 C4eJ 47]

Norman Ajari & Vincent Lloyd, Black Dignity: The Moral Vocabulary of Black Lives Matter (The Ethics of Black Lives Matter) [2020 C4eJ 48]

Symposium: The Future of Work in the Age of Automation and AI

Stelly & Sandy Placido, Radical Ethics and Black Lives Matter: Pan-Caribbean Perspectives on Capitalism, Imperialism, State Violence, and Antiblackness [2020 C4eJ 58]

Daniel Loick & Vanessa E. Thompson, Breathing and Unbreathing: The Chokeholds of Racism / Atmen und Erstickenlassen: Die Würgegriffe des Rassismus [2020 C4eJ 59]

Amadou Korbinian Sow, How to Orient Oneself in White Jurisprudence: Universality, Race, and the Law [2020 C4eJ 60]

Luvell Anderson, Understanding in a Time of Unrest [2020 C4eJ 61]

I. Bennett Capers, A New Country: Afrofuturism, Critical Race Theory, and Policing in the Year 2044 [2020 C4eJ 62]

Gail Super, Punitive Welfare on the Margins of the State: Narratives of Punishment [2020 C4eJ 63]