The Ethics of Black Lives Matter Podcast

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Daniel Loick & Vanessa E. Thompson, Breathing and Unbreathing: The Chokeholds of Racism (The Ethics of Black Lives Matter)

This talk explores the condition of unbreathing for some (and inherent to the policing of blackness and race) in relationship to the breathability of others by drawing on accounts of the policing of black lives, black radical, feminist and critical social theory. The speakers propose a subjective and collective dis-dentification with the police as a precondition for a world in which we all can breathe. [➡︎watch the video]

Charisse Burden-Stelly & Sandy Placido, Radical Ethics and Black Lives Matter: Pan-Caribbean Perspectives on Capitalism, Imperialism, State Violence, and Antiblackness

In this conversation Drs. Charisse Burden-Stelly and Sandy Plácido offer an internationalist and pan-Caribbean perspective on the radical ethics of Black Lives Matter though an analysis of capitalism, imperialism, state violence, and antiblackness. [➡︎watch the video]

Norman Ajari & Vincent Lloyd, Black Dignity: The Moral Vocabulary of Black Lives Matter

The recent racial justice protests represent the introduction to mainstream political discourse of a new moral vocabulary, one that unequivocally centers Blackness, transforms how we understand dignity, and orients the virtues to struggle. With reference to the French and US contexts, Norman Ajari and Vincent Lloyd discuss what is new and what is old in the moral vocabulary of today’s racial justice movements. [➡︎watch the video]

Emmanuel Blanchard, Black Lives Matter in France: The Colonial Legacy of French Policing

This talk (given in French) focuses on a double riddle: the unique historical trajectory leading to a “French style of policing” characterized by its aggressive style in racialized communities, and the extreme circumspection of French policing studies when it comes to integrating post-colonial analyses and the colonial past into their analytical frameworks. [➡︎watch the video]

Amadou Korbinian Sow, Black Lives Matter in Germany: What Does It Mean to Orient Oneself in White Jurisprudence?

Jurisprudence need not be indifferent to matters of racial justice – even if its main perspective is a “white” one. Using the particularly palpable example of German “legal science”, this talk explores how jurisprudence and the academy can be used as a lever (hypomochlium) for minoritarian issues. [➡︎watch the video] [➡︎read the essay]

A Conversation Between Rachel Herzing and Amna Akbar

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A conversation between Rachel Herzing and Amna Akbar on the organizing that came before, and the road ahead, toward prison abolition. [➡︎watch the video]

Siddhant Issar, Reflecting on Black Lives Matter: Visions of Abolition Democracy

This talk situates contemporary demands for police abolition within the Movement for Black Lives’s (M4BL) critique of racial capitalism. It argues that M4BL’s vision to contest racial capitalism—as found in their policy platform—revolves around an abolitionist democratic politics, including demands for the democratization of land and natural resources. [➡︎watch the video]

Luvell Anderson, Hermeneutical Impasses, Hermeneutical Injustices, and Progress

With different voices and perspectives flooding the forum of public discourse over righting injustice, it is important to be reflective about the language of debate. The framing of public discourse can have implications for dialogue, substantive as opposed to symbolic justice, and progress. [➡︎watch the video]

Ian Loader, Beyond Brutality: Political Visions in Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a vibrant movement against racist brutality, but it is also an idea. It is a movement that draws on ideas, that is animated by ideas, that is generative of ideas. This talk examines what ideas can be located in, and distilled from, the angry protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd. It asks: what different futures, what alternative political visions, animate Black Lives Matter? [➡︎watch the video]

Black Health Matters: Racism and Protest In the Midst of a Global Pandemic

This talk focuses on the ways in which long standing racial health inequalities, as well as the way in which the burdens of the pandemic are distributed unequally, intersect the current uprisings, including the ideologies of underlying conditions, the idea of violence as a pandemic (metaphorical and literal), and more. [➡︎watch the video]

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