Table of Contents

☛ 2017 ☚

Inaugural C4E Public Lecture

Symposium on The Ethics of Apology: Interdisciplinary & International Perspectives

Forum on Leonard Cohen: Ethics & the Artist

Forum on “Project Marie”: Policing Sexuality in Law, Ethics, Policy

Forum on Anti-Authoritarian Professional Ethics for Academics: Doing the Right Thing in the Era of Trump

Forum on The Ethics of Ethics and Literature

☛ 2018 ☚

Symposium on Mara Marin, Connected by Commitment: Oppression and Our Responsibility to Undermine It (2017)

Symposium on Richard Moon, Putting Faith in Hate: When Religion Is the Source or Target of Hate Speech (2018)

Symposium on Abraham Rotstein, Myth, Mind and Religion: The Apocalyptic Narrative (2017)

Symposium on Leo Zaibert, Rethinking Punishment (2018)

Joshua Knobe, Norms and Normality [2018 C4eJ 18]

Audrey Macklin, Resettler Society: Private Refugee Sponsorship and Citizenship [2018 C4eJ 19]

Panel on Sidewalk Toronto

Frank Rudzicz, The Future of Automated Healthcare [2018 C4eJ 25] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Mireille Hildebrandt, The Ethics of Agonistic Machine Learning [2018 C4eJ 26] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Pamela Robinson, Canadian Smart Cities: Defining the Public Good [2018 C4eJ 27] (Ethics in the City)

Richard Zemel, Ensuring Fair and Responsible Automated Decisions [2018 C4eJ 28] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Regina Rini, Democracy and Social Media are Incompatible: Now What? [2018 C4eJ 29]

Mireille Hildebrandt, The Ethics of Smart Cities: Interacting with Non-Human Agents [2018 C4eJ 30] (Ethics in the City)

John-Stewart Gordon, Moral Experts vs. Ethical Theories [2018 C4eJ 31]

Mariana Valverde, The End of Public Works? The Politics of Infrastructure and the Quiet Decline of Local Democracy [2018 C4eJ 32] (Ethics in the City)

Emily Baxter, We Are All Criminals [2018 C4eJ 33]

Bianca Wylie, Countering the Digital Consensus: The Political Economy of the Smart City [2018 C4eJ 34] (Ethics in the City)

Jeremy Davis, The Algebra of Partiality [2018 C4eJ 35]

Jessica Rosenfeld, Winners, Wasters, and the Shadow of Envy [2018 C4eJ 36]

Mark Fox, Are We Building Smart Cities on Dumb Information Systems? [2018 C4eJ 37] (Ethics in the City)

Kathryn Hume, Ethical Algorithms: Bias and Explainability in Machine Learning [2018 C4eJ 38] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Ronald Deibert, These Are the Sensors in My Neighbourhood [2018 C4eJ 39] (Ethics in the City)

Peter Brooks, The Chameleon Poet and the Ethics of Reading [2018 C4eJ 40] (Public Lecture)

Klaus Günther, Freedom in a Universe of Echoes? [2018 C4eJ 41]

Lea Ypi, Eleven Theses on Migration in the Capitalist State [2018 C4eJ 42]

Petra Molnar, Bots at the Gate: A Human Rights Analysis of Automated Decision Making in Canada’s Immigration and Refugee System [2018 C4eJ 43]

Moshe Vardi, The Ethical Crisis in Computing? [2018 C4eJ 44] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Simone Chambers, Democracy and Constitutional Reform [2018 C4eJ 45]

E.G. Rajan, Crime Prediction Support System [2018 C4eJ 46]

Kelly Hannah-Moffat: Response to E.G. Rajan on Crime Prediction Support System [2018 C4eJ 47]

Mark S. Fox, Accountable AI Systems [2018 C4eJ 48] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Nils Holtug, Does Nationhood Promote Egalitarian Justice? [2018 C4eJ 49]

Hilary Evans Cameron, Refugee Law’s Fact-Finding Crisis [2018 C4eJ 50]

Colin Grey, Cosmopolitan Pariahs [2018 C4eJ 51]

John Vervaeke, Why the Creation of A.I. Requires the Cultivation of Wisdom on Our Part [2018 C4eJ 52] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Avery Slater, Kill-Switch: The Ethics of the Halting Problem [2018 C4eJ 53] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Ken Greenberg, A Human-centred Use of Technology in Cities [2018 C4eJ 54] (Ethics in the City)

Nicola Lacetera, Ethical Concerns and the Reach of Markets: Paying Kidney Donors [2018 C4eJ 55]

☛ 2019 ☚

Sunit Das, Vinyas Harish & Felipe Morgado, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Diagnostics and the Limits of Certainty [2019 C4eJ 1]

Michael Kearns, The Ethical Algorithm [2019 C4eJ 2]

Tracey Lauriault, From Aspiration to Reality: Open Smart Cities [2019 C4eJ 3]

Patti Lenard, The Ethics of Citizen Selection of Refugees for Resettlement [2019 C4eJ 4]

Étienne Brown, Misinformation and Freedom of Expression [2019 C4eJ 5]

Rachel Nolan: The Ethics of International Adoption [2019 C4eJ 6]

Kelly Hannah-Moffat: Risk, Intersectional Inequalities and Racial Proxies [2019 C4eJ 7]