C4EJournal: Perspectives on Ethics [C4EJ]

Allison Weir, Indigenous Feminisms and Relational Rights [2022 C4eJ 1]

Janelle Joseph, Race, Ethics, and Intersectional Social Justice in Kinesiology [2022 C4eJ 2]

Ori Freiman, The Ethics of Central Bank Digital Currency [2022 C4eJ 3]

Tavia Nyong’o, Black Humanitarianism and the Human Rights Archive [2022 C4eJ 4]

Kimberley Brownlee, Disobedience: The Rarest and Most Courageous of the Virtues? [2022 C4eJ 5]

Kimberley Brownlee, Disobedience: The Rarest and Most Courageous of the Virtues? [2022 C4eJ 5]

Kristen Thomasen, Suzie Dunn, & Kate Robertson, Algorithmic Policing Policies through a Human Rights and Substantive Equality Lens: The Case of the TPSB AI Policy Brownlee, Disobedience: The Rarest and Most Courageous of the Virtues? [2022 C4eJ 6]

Mark V. Campbell and Huda Hassan, Hip-Hop Futurities [2022 C4eJ 7]

Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Algorithmic Adaptability and Ethics Washing: Appropriating the Critique [2022 C4eJ 8]

Wendy Wong, Data You and the Challenge for Data Rights [2022 C4eJ 9]

Romy Opperman, Sylvia Wynter’s Caribbean Critique [2022 C4eJ 10]

Chandni Desai, Disrupting Settler Colonial Economies Across Geographies [2022 C4eJ 11]

Clayton Chin, Recognition as Acknowledgement: Symbolic Politics in Multicultural Democracies [2022 C4eJ 12]

Myisha Cherry, On James Baldwin and Black Rage [2022 C4eJ 13]

Dafna Dror-Shpoliansky & Yuval Shany, It’s the End of the (Offline) World as We Know It: From Human Rights to Digital Human Rights – A Proposed Typology [2022 C4eJ 14]

Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Fill the Earth and Subdue: Exploring Domination, Responsibilities and Relationships through Land Acknowledgements [2022 C4eJ 15]

Mishall Ahmed, Difference Centric yet Difference Transcended [2022 C4eJ 16]

Erin Pineda, An Entire World in Motion: Civil Disobedience as Decolonizing Praxis [2022 C4eJ 17]

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Julian Posada, The Coloniality Of Data Work For Machine Learning [2022 C4eJ 19]

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Samantha Noël, Tropical Aesthetics of Black Modernism [2022 C4eJ 28]

Catherine Bolten, Shahrzad Sabet, & Rachel Cicoria, The Ethics of Humanism: Human Rights, Cosmopolitanism, and Resistance [2022 C4eJ 29]

Michael Randall Barnes, Whose Tweets? Our Tweets!: The Challenges of Online Protest [2022 C4eJ 30]

Conference: Afrofuturism and the Law [2022 C4eJ 31]

Conference: The Right to Have Rights Today [2022 C4eJ 32]

Conference: Trust and the Ethics of AI [2022 C4eJ 33]

Conference: Anatomies of Grief: Conversations on an Ethics of Living [2022 C4eJ 34]

C4E Undergraduate Research Conference 2022: Ethics, Healing & Reconciliation [2022 C4eJ 35]

Benjamin P. Davis, Territory, Humanity, Opacity: Notes on Hannah Arendt’s Right to Have Rights (Conference: The Right to Have Rights Today) [2022 C4eJ 36]

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Jared Riggs, Being Practical about the Moral Status of AI [2022 C4EJ 40]

Atif Khan, Narrating Hauntings Everywhere: Towards the Edges of Territorial Pakistan [2022 C4EJ 41]

Enna Kim, Yestermorrow: Speculative Tales of a Possible Repair Future [2022 C4EJ 42]