C4eJournal: Perspectives on Ethics [C4eJ]

Inaugural C4E Public Lecture

Symposium: The Ethics of Apology: Interdisciplinary & International Perspectives

Forum: Leonard Cohen: Ethics & the Artist

Forum: “Project Marie”: Policing Sexuality in Law, Ethics, Policy

Forum: Anti-Authoritarian Professional Ethics for Academics: Doing the Right Thing in the Era of Trump

Forum: The Ethics of Ethics and Literature

Simon Stern, The Ethics of Legal Fictions [2017 C4eJ 29]

Forum: How Should We Vote? Electoral Reform in Canada

Sandro Ambuehl, The Ethics and Economics of Incentivizing the Uninformed [2017 C4eJ 34]

Forum: Legal Ethics in the Age of Law & Tech

Joe Halpern, Moral Responsibility, Blameworthiness, and Intention: In Search of Formal Definitions [2017 C4eJ 38] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Aaron Ancell, Utopianism and Political Irrationality [2017 C4eJ 39]

Eva-Lynn Jagoe, The Ethics of the Individual [2017 C4eJ 40]

Mark Kingwell, Respect and the Artificial Other [2017 C4eJ 41] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Sheila Jasanoff: Ethical Futures, Imagination and Governance in an Unequal World [2017 C4eJ 42] (Public Lecture)

Sunit Das, AI in Medicine: Hopes? Nightmares? [2017 C4eJ 43] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Lucia Zedner, Policing Civility in Public Space: Civil Orders and Uncivil Practices [2017 C4eJ 44]

Guy Kahane, Runaway Trolleys or Distant Strangers? [2017 C4eJ 45]

Patrick Keilty, Sorry/Not Sorry: Sexual Regulation and Apology at the Toronto Police Service [2017 C4eJ 46] (Symposium)

Mark Kingwell, Apologies: A Stylistic Investigation [2017 C4eJ 47] (Symposium)

Sunit Das, Medical, Legal and Ethical Definitions of Futility [2017 C4eJ 48]

Brian Cantwell Smith, Reckoning and Judgment [2017 C4eJ 49] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Hector Levesque, Rethinking the Place of Thinking in Intelligent Behaviour [2017 C4eJ 50] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Molly Sauter, Algorithmic Ethics and Personhood [2017 C4eJ 51] (Ethics of AI in Context)

Symposium: James Forman, Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America (2017) (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Craig Scott, Political Ethics and the House of Commons Electoral Reform Process [2017 C4eJ 54] (Forum)